10 Fascinating Houseplants With Purple Leaves

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The right color and style of a houseplant can make all the difference as far as home decor and trying the room together. If you believe a purple houseplant would be the perfect addition to your home, here are 10 fascinating and luscious purple house plants that would be great for you.

As with all houseplants, there are a variety of purple houseplants that will thrive in certain demographics. Different houseplants prosper with different amounts of sunlight, different climates and temperature needs, and different amounts of maintenance. Regardless of your specific needs, this list should be able to give you some good ideas of several great purple houseplants that will be great options to brighten up your home.


1 Maranta Prayer Plant

Maranta Prayer Plant Houseplants With Purple Leaves

Image by Jeno Szabo

The Prayer Plant is a multi-colored beauty but purple is the color that shines through the most and ties it all together. There are multiple varieties that will have either slight shades of red or green that work subtly to embolden the deep and vibrant purple leaves. The reason this plant gets its slightly strange name is that at night the leaves will form together mimicking the sight of hands when one is praying. Although this plant enjoys its dry winters, you are going to want to have a predominantly warm atmosphere with high levels of humidity for the duration of this plant's life and you will need to make sure it gets plenty of water.

2 Tradescantia, Wandering Jew

Tradescantia Wandering Jew Houseplants With Purple Leaves

Image by Treegrow

This is an option for those of you who would like a beautiful purple houseplant that doesn't require a great deal of maintenance. This plant grows easily and stays vibrant with minimal work involved. It only requires a little bit of light and the light doesn't have to be direct sunlight. You will want to keep the soil dry mostly with only a little bit of waterings. Allow time for the soil to dry between waterings and this plant should, for the most part, take care of itself.

3 Coleus

Coleus Houseplants With Purple Leaves

Image by Jan Haerer

This a show-off plant that can be grown either outdoors or indoors. However, if you want this plant to be at its most vibrant and colorful you are going to want to make sure that it gets an ample amount of sunlight. The level of colors on display are directly related to the amount of sunlight this plant gets, so give it as much sun as possible to guarantee a vibrant and breathtaking purple houseplant. With enough sunlight, this houseplant will steal the show and will be the perfect centerpiece for your living quarters. Lack of sunlight won't kill it but will simply dull the colors so don't worry too much if you have a cloudy week in your area.

4 Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia Houseplants With Purple Leaves

Image by Lluisanunez

This is a fuzzy little guy with little pricks of purple overtaking the light green fuzz. Once again, the purple really starts to develop when exposed to sunlight so make sure you're giving this plant plenty of sunlight if you really want to add some bold purple flavor to your house. This one grows upright at first but will start to vine out and down as it grows older so this is one you might want to keep in a hanging pot. Be sure to give it plenty of light and keep the soil moist to keep this plant healthy and vibrant and let those little purple needles shine.

5 Purple Oxalis

Purple Oxalis Houseplants With Purple Leaves

This is a light and a feathery houseplant that generally keeps to itself. It is fairly delicate and doesn't require that much watering, maybe only once every couple of weeks. This makes it a great option for those without a lot of time who still want a beautiful and vibrant purple houseplant. You should be sure to keep this one in a spot that gets a good deal of sun, however, as this plant loves its light. You will catch the leaves turning to face the sun as the sun moves across the sky and the leaves will even seemingly "go to sleep" when the sun goes down.

6 Caladium

Caladium Houseplants With Purple Leaves

These plants are large and in charge and will take over a room if you let them with their wide-blooming leaves with patterns of multiple colors. Although caladium is ofter more pinkish colored, you will occasionally encounter beautiful strains of purple. This plant requires a few hours of sunlight each day when grown indoors so keep that in mind if you live in an area that is generally cloudy.

7 Iron Cross Begonia

This is an incredibly unique-looking houseplant that could stand as the centerpiece of your living quarters. Guests will instantly notice its strange and exotic marking and shape and will be amazed and its deep, dark colorings. While this plant survives best in places with high levels of humidity, it does suffer when it gets too much water. Pay careful attention to slight browning on the edges of leaves and cut back on watering as soon as you notice anything unusual.

8 Calathea

Calathea Houseplants With Purple Leaves

Image by Fire Flash

This is a bright one that will be like a ray of sunshine in any room you put it in. These plants require only indirect sunlight and minimal watering to prosper. This makes them a great option for busy homeowners who don't want to have to put a lot of work into having a beautiful and bright shining purple houseplant to accentuate their surroundings.

9 Waffle Plant

Hemigraphis Alternata Waffle Plant Houseplants With Purple Leaves

Image by Ventilago

This is a shiny purple plant that will glow in the right light. It requires a fair amount of light to prosper and lack of sunlight will cause that beautiful purple color to dissipate so be sure to only get one of these if you have the right environment for it. Do keep in mind, however, that too much sunlight can also be harmful as this plant is actually susceptible to sunburning. A medium amount of light will keep this one going strong.

10 Ficus Robusta, Rubber Plant

Ficus Robusta Rubber Plant Houseplants With Purple Leaves

Image by Mike Marquez

This is a hearty plant that has strong and rubbery leaves that are quite large and feature a deep, green color that can often appear to be a dark purple color. While it needs only monthly waterings in the winter, this plant does need a good deal of moisture during the summer and will also benefit from having its leaves wiped with a damp cloth. They thrive in indirect sunlight and temperatures that aren't too high.

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