10 Fascinating Houseplants With Red Flowers

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If you believe that houseplants with red leaves would be the perfect accouterment to your overall style of home decor, here are 10 fascinating houseplants with beautiful and vibrant red flowers that will be the perfect top-off to your living space.

There are a good amount of houseplants with red flowers. Which one you prefer will depend on your own personal taste as well as your climate and how much energy you want to put into maintenance. Whatever your preferences are, you should be able to find at least a few houseplants in this list that have the perfect color and level of needs to go along with your home decor and style.


1 Bromeliads

Red Bromeliads Flowering

Image by JoaoBOliver

This is a great option for those who don't get a lot of sunlight in their house and don't want to spend too much time taking care of their houseplants. Bromeliads will generally take care of themselves and get most of their water taken directly out of the moisture in the air. Rest assured, though, that you are still going to be getting a beautiful and bold houseplant with red flowers. Bromeliads may not require a huge amount of maintenance but they are still some of the most stunning red houseplants available.

2 Chenille Plant

Chenille plant Cats Tail

Image by Bishnu Sarangi

Chenille plants can require a good deal of maintenance and regular pruning as they are constant growers that will always be pushing the boundaries of their pot. Still, if you are able to keep up with their incredible growth rate and need for food, you will be getting an exceptionally gorgeous houseplant with red leaves that will light up the entire room. This is a fuzzy and wide-blooming plant that will draw the attention of any houseguest. Try to keep the stems to about a foot in length for maximum health.

3 Amaryllis

Amaryllis flower

Image by Franz W

Amaryllis is another houseplant that requires minimal maintenance yet glows with a radiant red that can challenge any other. This is a houseplant that blooms in the winter and will liven up the cold months with a burst of red energy reminiscent of a warm winter fire. Amaryllis plants should be kept outdoors during the summer for maximum health and they will grow strong for years to come, getting fuller with every bloom.

4 Flame of the Woods

Ixora Coccinea Flame of the woods flower

Image by Bishnu Sarangi

The Flame of the Woods is true to its name and will brighten up your house like a well-kept fireplace. The only caveat is this plant needs a good deal of warmth and sunlight to prosper so you will have to take your climate and lighting situation into consideration otherwise it will wilt. If you have the means, though, you can't do much better than this stunning and full houseplant. A few of these placed carefully around the room will change the atmosphere of your house instantly.

5 Ruby Ball Cacti

Red Ruby Ball Cactus

Image by Engin Akyurt

While many homeowners may be turned off by the prospect of cacti if they are looking for a vibrant and exciting houseplant, the Ruby Ball cactus is actually quite stunning and luscious-looking. This is not the typical boring cactus you imagine with the stereotypical dull green. This is an exceptionally bold and exotic cactus that will add a ridiculous amount of color to any home. And, because it is in fact a cactus, it requires very little maintenance. This is a desert plant, after all, and has developed to survive with minimal water. If you are looking for an easy option for a red houseplant, this cacti would make the perfect addition to your living quarters.

6 Kalanchoe

Red Kalanchoe flowering

Image by Jaclou DL

Kalanchoe is another one that doesn't require much work on your part for it to blossom in full and lighten up your life with its red beauty. While you are going to want to make sure it gets a fair amount of sun and a higher temperature, it doesn't require a whole lot of water and routine maintenance besides that. One problem is that Kalanchoe plants are sometimes stubborn about reblooming, requiring a long period of darkness before buds begin to develop after the initial bloom has crested. Keep this in mind before deciding on a Kalanchoe plant, although they are gorgeous.

7 Anthurium Flamingo Lily

Anthurium Flamingo Lily Flowering

Image by Manfred Richter

This beautiful houseplant has flowers that are shaped like hearts, perfectly accentuating their vibrant red color. However, this is one that might require a little bit of work to maintain and to continually bloom. This houseplant needs lots of sun and humidity in order to live to its fullest. If you have the means to provide sunlight and live in a climate with high humidity levels, however, the Flamingo Lily is the perfect houseplant to add some much-needed heart into your life.

8 Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus Flowering

Image by Michel Rohan

Hibiscus is awesome. This is a tropical plant that flowers all year so long as you have the means to keep it warm and give it a good amount of sunlight. Hibiscus plants are incredibly hearty and will blossom like mad if you are up to the challenge. Another great thing about hibiscus is that they can survive periods without sunlight and warmth, they just won't blossom. When in blossom, they will grow fast so a good deal of pruning might be necessary. If you are in a warm climate with plenty of sunlight, a hibiscus plant is definitely the way to go.

9 Shrimp Plant

Red Pachystachys Shrimp Plant Flowering

Image by Tomas Sobek

The name might be a little strange but this is a cool little plant that isn't too picky. It doesn't require very high temperatures but it does require a good deal of light and might suffer a little bit in long winter months with little to no sunlight. It can generally survive winters, though, and should be back to full health by spring if you keep it nice and pruned.

10 Lipstick Plant

Red Aeschynanthus Radicans Lipstick Plant Flowering

Image by Blumenbiene

This is a plant with tube-like red blossoms that resemble lipstick. As you can imagine, they are very red and vibrant. This plant needs lots of sun and humidity so it might not be the best option for everyone but, if you have the means, this is an exceptionally bold red houseplant that will steal the show with its unique shape and shade of red.

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