Our 20 Best Houseplant Sayings and Quotes

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Our 20 Best Houseplant Sayings and Quotes

Houseplants are an amazing way to decorate your home with living beings. Unsurprisingly, in history, many plant sayings and quotes have been created by people and lots of them can be found on the internet. We have put together a list with the 20 of our favorites!

These quotes and sayings will touch the inner soul of plant lovers or just make you laugh out loud. Let your green heart be inspired and give the love to our green little friends that they deserve. Put your hands together for photosynthesize! Let's grow together and plant our feed in the ground. So that our roots will be strong and we can hold soil. Let us receive the energy of the sun and be soothed by water so that we can become the flower we always wanted to become. Sorry I got taken away a bit to much......

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite houseplant sayings and quotes for some fun inspiration.

The top 5 favorites houseplant sayings and quotes:

  1. "Like people, plants respond to extra attention." (H. Peter Loewer)
  2. "Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and the soul." (Linda Solegato)
  3. "A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house." (Beth Ditto)
  4. "Plants don't have a brain because they are not going anywhere." (Robert Sylwester)
  5. "Plants are like people: they're all different and a little bit strange." (John Kehoe)


Other great houseplant sayings and quotes:

  • Plants want to grow; they are on your side as long as you are reasonably sensible." (Anne Wareham)
  • "My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them." (Mitch Hedberg)
  • "If a plant is sad, do other plants photosympathise with it?
  • "Summer is coming so excited! I wet my plants.
  • Ah ha ha ha stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
  • Don't forget to drink some water and get some sunlight. You are basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions.
  • Pollen! When flowers can't keep it in their plants.
  • "I thought I was pretty cool until I realized plants can eat sunlight and poop out air." (Jim Bugg)
  • Sorry, I'm busy. I'm hanging out with my plants.
  • Let's go on an adventure and by that I mean let's go to the plant store.
  • Ready, set, grow!
  • I'm rooting for you!
  • "We are made for loving. If we don't low we are like plants without water." (Desmond Tutu)
  • “A passionate look, touch or a hug on a plant is enough to open your inner eyes than going for a serious yoga and other therapies.” (Karthikeyan V)
  • There are few plants that are ugly. It's how you use them that may not be pretty.

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