Sempervivum Altum

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Sempervivum Altum

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Sempervivum “Altum” is a member of the “Hen and Chicks” or also known as Houseleeks and Live-Forevers. Altum Semps are hardy succulents that are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of maintenance, ranging from green to red in color.

Sempervivum Altum Overview

  • Full to partial sun
  • Requires less water than an ordinary succulent
  • Zone 4a+, Hardy to -30°F | -34°C
  • Maximum height:
    2” | 5cm
  • Maximum Rosette size:
    0.4 – 2” | 0.16 – 0.8cm
  • Can be grown indoors and outdoors
  • Propagation by offsets and seeds
  • Commonly known as:
    Hen and chicks, Houseleek and Live-Forever

How to Care for Sempervivum Altum


Sempervivum “Altum” needs less water than an ordinary succulent. We recommend to use the “wet and dry” method and allow their soil to dry out completely before watering again.

Lighting and temperature

Sempervivum “Altum” are cold hardy succulents, they can withstand temperatures well below freezing and are hardy to -30° F (-34° C).

They will even survive snow! This actually helps to isolate the plant from even colder temperatures, and cold wind. If you live in a zone with lower temperatures, some parts of the year, it's best to plant your succulent in a planter that can be brought indoors.

Provide your Sempervivum “Altum” with plenty of bright sunlight, but protect from excessive heat. These succulents can also be grown indoors, if grown indoors but need more sunlight you’ll notice their leaves to flatten out.

Feeding and Soil Requirements

Sempervivum “Altum” can live in very extreme conditions. Once planted extra feeding will not be necessary. If you decide to repot yours however we recommend you to add some slow-release fertilizer but not more than once per year.

“Altum” Semps, don’t have special requirements when it comes down to the soil. They can actually grow great with very little soil, even cracks in rock walls!

Altum semps, but Sempervivums, in general, will survive in soils where other succulents would die. However good drainage is very important.

Sempervivum Altum Propagation

Sempervivum “Altum” can be propagated by either using their offsets or seeds. The easiest way to grow new “Altum” however, is to separate their offsets. These offsets will be clones of the parent they were taken from.

If you choose to propagate them from seed you may notice some differences with their parent as they grow, they tend to hybridize quite easily.

Sempervivum Altum Blooming and Flowers

Sempervivums “Altum” are monocarpic – this means that they will only flower once, produce new plants, and die after.

However it may take several years before it blooms, when they flower, blooms come in shades of white, with pink edges and some yellow. Growing on a stem of 12 – 16” (30.5 – 40.5cm).

Many gardeners don’t prefer their sempervivums to bloom. Dead rosettes leave gaps in otherwise tight sempervivum clusters. “learn how to prevent blooming”

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