Do my Cactus and Succulents need Food and Fertilizer?

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Do my Cactus and Succulent need Food and Fertilizer?

Do My Cactus And Succulent Need Food And Fertilizer?

Wondering if you should fertilize and feed your cactus plants? You may think "Does a cactus need fertilizer, really?" or maybe "I have never heard of Cactus Food before" Keep reading to find out and learn more about fertilizing and feeding your cactus plants.


Does A Cactus Need Fertilizer?

The perfect environment for cacti is a harsh, dry desert with two extremes: periods of no rainfall or sudden deluges that they must absorb. Although cactus and succulent plants thrive on neglect, giving your Cactus Food really is necessary,

It’s important to remember that whether your Cacti and Succulents are outside in the garden exposed to seasonal extremes or in a bright sunny spot in your house, fertilizing cactus plants can keep them happily growing no matter the season.

Just like with any other garden or houseplant, fertilizing cactus and succulent plants will help them adapt, actively grow and even multiply if that’s one of their characteristics. Cacti/Succulent fertilizer requirements are pretty simple. Any good houseplant food is a good choice.

Now that you know that they really do need fertilizer, it’s also important to know when to feed Cactus and Succulent plants.

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When Do I Feed My Cactus And Succulents?

Despite the fact that cacti and succulents can survive in some of the harshest conditions on earth, most of them prefer multiple small feedings instead of one gigantic flood. Cactus plants really don’t require a ton of water or fertilizer (they do require a lot of bright light).
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At a minimum, you should fertilize your cactus and succulent plants once a year, but if you’re really organized and can set up a schedule, feeding them 2-3 times per year in the spring, summer and fall will easily satisfy your cacti fertilizer requirements.

Keep in mind, to never overfeed your plants. Overfeeding is as dangerous to your cactus plants as overwatering is to any other plant.

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