This is Why Your Succulents aren’t Flowering

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This is Why Your Succulents aren’t Flowering
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You might have seen some gorgeous pictures of succulents developing beautiful flowers on the internet or have seen gorgeous succulent flowers at a friend’s house. However, these colorful flowers don’t seem to grow on your own succulents. Let’s look into what you can do about it!

You can’t force your succulents to flower but the main reasons your succulents aren’t flowering are, lack of quality sunshine, the right temperature, soil type, fertilizer, wintering period and even dust can negatively impact your succulents and preventing them from flowering. It may also take several months before showing her gorgeous colorful flowers.


What type of succulents can grow flowers?

Flowering succulents range from simply interesting, to gorgeous, to outright flamboyant. Some produce tall sprays of delicate pale green and pale pink trumpets, like Haworthia.

Echeveria bloom in season, usually in the fall, depending on where you are. Kalanchoe species offer spires and spikes of bell-like blooms, in multi-colored striped and blended flowers.

Stapelia and Huernia are known as 'carrion flowers' because of the smell of rotting meat, designed to draw in flies to perform that same role.

Kalanchoe Daigremontiana also known as the Mother of Thousands plant, has fabulous cascading flowers of pink or peach colors.


Why isn’t my succulent growing flowers?

There can be many reasons for your succulents not showing up the right colors or their gorgeous flowers, quite literally.

While not all succulents grow flowers, the once that do, take a good amount of time to do so. Lack of patience can really kill your dream of seeing a heartful blossom.

Not understanding the requirement of your succulents becomes the main reason of not flowering even if the previously maintained basic requirements are met.

Lack of quality sunshine, the right temperature, humidity, pest control, soil type, fertilizer, wintering period and even dust can negatively impact your plants and prevent them from flowering. In this article, we will cover all of them in detail.


How to make your succulents grow flowers?

You can’t force your succulents to grow flowers but by using our guidelines you will increase the chances of your succulent growing flowers.

First of all, you need to understand that some succulents can take up to years to show their flowers and some may never flower indoors.

So, consider the below-mentioned advice as applicable for commonly available succulents. Importantly, if you want to see your succulents flower, depending on the species you would need patience (lots of).


Seasonal cycles for succulent flowering

The primary advice to follow is to keep your succulents in a perfectly dry and cool environment during the times of winter. Follow the practice of overwintering.

If the temperature drops very low, like around 35-37 degrees Fahrenheit (2-3 degrees Celsius) then yes, you can take out your room heater.

But in any case, the environment should be completely dry and frost-free. A cool and dry period is a must for typical succulents, which enables them to flower during the spring and summers.


At what age can you expect your succulent to flower?

As it was mentioned before, patience is really the key. For some species it can take up to years before you should lose hope of seeing your succulents get flowers, several species could show flowers within months!

You should think about how long you’ve had your succulent if you want it to start flowering. When you make a purchase from garden centers, make sure you know the exact life correctly. If you’re lucky, you could purchase a succulent that’s already showing it’s gorgeous flowers.


Fertilize your succulents to stimulate flowering

You can use any type of cactus or succulent fertilizer as most of them are high in potassium which helps in flowering. You could also use some kind of tomato fertilizer, usually, any brand will do well.

Fertilize your succulents just before spring or fall before they start their active growing period. Also, an important point to note is to not use the complete recommended amount presented on the packaging, as they are generally on the higher side.

Use half the amount recommended. Too much fertilizer can cause the root system of your plant to burn which can end up in your precious succulent dying.



You should also ensure that your succulents are receiving the correct amount of sunlight. Succulents have a great affinity towards the sunshine.

Provide them with plenty of sunshine, as much as possible but keep in mind not to put your succulent in direct full sun otherwise your succulent may end up sunburned.

Find the best location in your house which provides all the sunlight your succulents need, reserve a spot near a sunny window for your plants!


Planter size

If your planter pot is too big your succulent will keep growing roots instead of the succulent itself. I will advise you to keep the succulents slightly underpotted.

As long as the roots aren’t coming out of the bottom of your pot and they are not falling over themselves, keeping them a bit under-potted is a good way to go.

Doing this your succulent will put her energy in growing it’s leaves and producing the beautiful flowers you're waiting for!


Soil Medium

Soil is the medium and the main source of nutrition for your plants. The soil your succulent is planted in after you bought it from garden centers are generally bad, the chances of seeing a flower using this soil medium aren’t that great.

We advise you to transfer them into pre-mixed cactus or succulent soil or you can make your own soil. Use one part of clean sand, one part soil-based compost and one part some gritty medium or perlite and mix it all together, you could use your homemade mix with pretty much most of the succulents.

Whether you use one of these above two soil mixes they will certainly provide a better nutrient base for your succulents then the soil you bought them in, which helps them flower!


Quick summary

To ensure your succulents will one day show gorgeous colorful flowers you have to provide her with the ideal conditions. Understand that it’s the combination of all factors that will provide you with much better odds of getting results.

Light and heat alone won’t do it, or simply watering more than usual, and not even giving the most pristine care to your plant won’t do anything if it isn’t mature enough.

However, if you’re both careful and caring to your plant (and patient), you could be rewarded with one of the most unique and beautiful displays a succulent can give you, flowers!

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